Why we do Revive

Revive is for EVERYONE. We hope Revive will benefit and bless those who are very new to following Jesus, as well as those who have faithfully served for many years. We pray Revive will be valuable for children and young people, right through to those more senior.


Revive is about the GATHERING OF A FAMILY, bringing together the many corners of our Baptist “family of churches”, reminding us of our relationships and shared values, helping us appreciate our identity and unity in the gospel of Christ. We pray for God to be glorified by the gracious and inclusive manner in which we gather in Jesus’ Name.



Revive is about the CELEBRATION OF A MOVEMENT, focusing on the power of the Gospel, sensing the privilege of partnering with God in His work, and appreciating what God is doing in our communities through so many gospel-hearted congregations and ministries. We pray for God to be glorified in the stories that are told of His saving and transforming work among us.


Revive is about the CENTERING OF OUR HEARTS, encountering God in His Word, learning His heart for the world, sharing encouragement and insights from the trenches, and coming away refreshed and inspired to give ourselves to building “kingdom communities” shaped by the gospel of Jesus. We pray for God to be glorified in our worship, rejoicing in Him and giving our hearts to His cause.


And Revive includes DIVERSITY. Our family of churches exhibits a significant variety of expression, and these will be represented at Revive. We pray for Revive to be a demonstration of our capacity to value and honour our unity in diversity.

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